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A conversation with the Trusties in Color community

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Since June of 2020 and the global rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, corporate diversion and inclusion policies and resources have been put under a microscope and many have had to face the uncomfortable reality that they simply were not doing enough. Trustpilot was no exception.

Like many tech companies, Trustpilot lacked a resource group dedicated to our employees of color. So in July 2020, a group of Trusties formed Trusties in Color (TiC), an employee resource group dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion at Trustpilot. In the nearly nine months since being founded, TiC has formed a leadership group, led community outreach efforts, and begun planning diversity and inclusion initiatives that will make Trustpilot truly more Open to All.

While TiC continues to define itself at Trustpilot, we asked TiC leadership and members to share the highlights of their experience with TiC, why they think it’s an important employee resource group for Trustpilot to support, and their ambitions and hopes for the future of TiC.

Below we’ve shared quotes and stories from the TiC community around these topics and identified themes that were touched upon in these conversations.

TiC has opened discussion around important (and previously unaddressed) challenges that minorities at Trustpilot face, and provides a forum for members to be heard.

Tyler, DenverTiC Community Outreach ChairTiC is a group where people can gather to discuss and celebrate race. Diversity is important and having a safe space to have discussions about how race is addressed within and outside of Trustpilot is necessary. I hope it can continue to grow and be a place for any employee to come with a discussion or concern and they know it will be handled seriously and without judgement.

Jason, New YorkTiC Overall ChairI feel like TiC is important because I’ve heard stories from current and past employees at Trustpilot about how they were treated by certain individuals and how they had no place to go to voice their concerns or try to form solutions. No one should ever have to feel that way and I think it's important that we’re here to hear those people out.

Lindsay, DenverTiC SecretaryTiC ensures that all Trusties regardless of their ethnicity, skin color, or background have access to the same resources and advancement potential, but more importantly that they have a voice, and that voice is heard.

Jocelyn, CopenhagenTiC MemberI think it's important that any company aligns on diversity, inclusion, and equity, and TiC is a first step for Trustpilot. It can provide people of color a place and space to connect, and for our allies to hear directly how different aspects of society and work impact us.

Trustpilot and the tech community at large have a long way to go around diversity and inclusion initiatives, and TiC has a role to play.

Jocelyn, CopenhagenTiC MemberI'd like to see TiC principles and mission be more integrated into Trustpilot as a whole and see events that highlight different perspectives to help advance people of color in their careers.

Wahid, New YorkTiC MemberUltimately, I'd love to see TiC impact the hiring process. We need increased hiring of diverse employees and an executive of color. Minorities need expanded representation at all levels and I know there are quality candidates out there willing to join a great company like Trustpilot. Over the course of the next three years, it's my belief that at least half of this company should be composed of minorities.

Lindsay, DenverTiC SecretaryTiC allows for us to create a foundation of acceptance, inclusion and belonging regardless of our skin color as well as advocate for the diversity that is currently lacking within Trustpilot and in the Tech Industry as a whole.

When empowered, resource groups like TiC have the potential, and are critical, to bring about change.

Jeremy, New YorkTiC Mentorship ChairWithin Trustpilot, this is the first formal step we’ve taken to acknowledge pride and love in who we are, without judgement or fear of persecution. As Millennials get older and begin to take positions of leadership, it’s important we lay the groundwork for our younger peers so they can see a path to success, rather than a forest of obstacles.

Wahid, New YorkTiC MemberI believe bringing awareness to the whole system is critical in developing change. A lot of companies don't understand how small policies or structures can severely impact people of color. For example, requiring a college degree for an entry-level administrative position is systemically racist. Historically, most minorities have a more difficult path to college due to their upbringings, neighborhoods, school districts, and ancestral opportunities. Requiring a college degree is just another obstacle for us to hurdle. While I know Trustpilot has eliminated some of these barriers, other companies need to follow.

Lindsay, DenverTiC SecretaryWhen I started at Trustpilot, I felt like the lack of diversity was being tiptoed around. No one was calling out the areas of improvement within our culture and now that is at the forefront of everyday conversation. Trusties are being challenged to ask more questions, learn how they can eliminate biases and be a part of positive change.

It’s important to have a place like TiC to celebrate diversity.

Shahrokh, CopenhagenTiC Communications ChairHaving worked multiple jobs Trustpilot is the first place I have really felt welcome. The culture here is wonderful and warm. There’s a great unity here. TiC shows that Trustpilot is for everyone no matter one's background. For me all the above is important.

Jeremy, New YorkTiC Mentorship ChairMy favorite part of TiC has been meeting TiC members around the globe and learning how perspectives can vary so drastically from one region to another. There is excitement on my part to champion the many obstacles we have together - and build some bridges along the way.

Tyler, DenverTiC Community Outreach ChairThe lead up TiC’s kickoff was a lot of anticipation and the payoff was beyond anything I expected. It was really encouraging to see so many Trusties interested in joining and wanting to engage with us. With so many interested Trusties, hopefully we can bring more events, information, and awareness to keep everyone engaged!

Trustpilot is on a mission to upgrade the world, and that includes providing better leadership and career opportunities for our team of Trusties. If you're interested in upgrading your career with us, take a look at our current openings.


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