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Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Can't get a response from customer service

I'm trying to get a part # for my Logan brakes, I need brake pads on my Ripcurrent S. They don't show any info on Logan brakes on there web site, No Email response, When I called I was on hold 3rd in line, 2nd, next, Then I get a message saying you can send a online request, Good bye, click, they hang up after 25 min on hold. I will not suggest Juiced bikes to others anymore, I will warn them about poor customer service.


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Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Juiced customer support is terrible and…

Juiced customer support is terrible and my bike has been down for over a month now. Please message me back via any one of the multiple ways I've tried to contact you and I'll take this message down.

I've tried calling numerous times, been hung up on multiple times, emailed, used the chat bot and am now using any social media possible to try to get help. While I love my bike I'm getting very dissappointed with this lack of customer service.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I wanted to put 0 stars

I wanted to put 0 stars. This Company is terrible. They take forever to ship out warranty. I had my bike for three days went to charge it and the charger doesn't work. I can buy one at the local bike shop but they told me it would void my warranty. So I'm stuck waiting another 9 days for my charger to get here.

Check out there BBB score 1.4/5 and F

Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Customer Service? What customer service??

My wife and I recently purchased a couple of new RipCurrent S bikes. So far we're happy with them. My issue is with support, which turns out is pathetic. I've been asking for suggestions (several requests) for a stem change to replace the stock handlebar on my bike. I have heard absolutely NOTHING back from support. Bikes seem to be decent products but Juiced support needs MUCH improvement. Knowing what I know now, I probably would not have purchased from this company.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars


I received My Hyper Scorpion about 9 days ago, The kickstand is broken, the lcd display has pixelated spots on it, I never received the helmet needed to ride the Bike in the first place, my battery bag hasn't arrived and my voltage monitor has not arrived either. I spoke to an associate named Gina Ryan
@Juiced Bikes Customer Support
1 (888)303-8889 THE SAME DAY my Bike arrived almost two weeks ago and she stated that she will get back to me with the tracking information on my lost/missing items. Not a word from no one at this Company since. 2 weeks LATER! NOT A WORD! I will be contacting NBC 10 INVESTIGATORS!!! Do NOT BUY EBIKES FROM JUICED! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great Support

My review and opinion of Juiced completely turned around today. It appeared that I was stuck with a damaged bike given my experience of submitting a support ticket, getting no response, and not getting someone on the phone. With another try on the phone though I got through to Ivan who was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! My repair parts are on the way and he even helped me identify damage that I had missed by scrutinizing one of the photos. I'll add that the support software they have is quite convenient as he was able to have it send me a text that I could then immediately reply with pictures so we could troubleshoot further live on the phone. They also had a queue count while on hold and hilarious music about holding. Key lesson here is that after submitting a support request online (a great way to get some initial pictures over and an outline of your issues to start from), go ahead and call.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Extremely Disappointed

Shipping: Just FYI, my bike was shipped "signature required" through FedEx. This was very difficult since they would not give me a day, much less a time that they would arrive. This caused me to miss their first attempt, and in the end delayed my shipment by 5 days. This was not nearly as frustrating as when I opened the package, the bike was extremely damaged. The front wheel hub was sticking through the side of the box, both fenders were bent up, the rear rack was crushed, and the rear hydraulic brake line was kinked. Due to the brake issue, the bike was not safely rideable, no rear brakes.

Juiced Policy: To be clear, if you receive a damaged bike from Juiced, their position is to ship you replacement parts and have YOU repair your bike. This may not be a big deal if it is a simple part to get to, but for example, let's say you have a damaged fender. Well, this involves disassembling the entire rear wheel assembly, since the bolts holding it on are on the inside. Yes, that hour plus job is your reward for receiving a damaged bike. That is IF they have replacement parts! This is where my frustration with FedEx is now with Juiced.

Juiced Customer Service: I will do my best to keep this short. First with the only positive I have, every time I got through to a customer service representative they were polite and easy to talk to. Did they help me solve my issue and follow through on promises they gave me, absolutely not. Combining all of the time spent on hold, attempting their text support (this goes nowhere), and most recently attempting to repair my bike (more on this below), I have 10 hours of my time into this, and I still do not have a fully functional bike that I paid for. Juiced does not have replacement parts for the bike that I paid for nearly 2 months ago. In the meanwhile, they continued to sell my exact model, even offering a sale, but no parts for a paid customer. I finally recently received replacement parts, not all, but some. When trying to install the rear fender and more importantly the rear brakes, they sent the wrong parts. Yes, you read that correctly..

I could not be more frustrated with Juiced at this point. Their product appears to be well engineered and built, but they apparently are more interested in sales than owners of their product. Keep this in mind when spending your hard earned money.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Brand new out of the box and 9th gear wont work.

I own 2 of the rip current S ebikes. The second one I got would not work in 9th gear, and that is after working with a tech at REI. I tried emailing the techs at juiced and never heard back. I called their techs and went through the painful process of getting help. They promised to send me a new derailer and chain. If they do and I don't have to kill myself changing them out and adjusting them and 9th gear works, I might up date this review. I've been on a 56 mile ride on the bike around Bear Lake in Utah and Idaho and so far it has tons of power and is fun to ride. Just a little bugged that 9th gear would not work right out of the box.
It has now been 2 weeks since I talked to the tech at juiced and he told me he was sending components to replace mine for the problem with 9th gear not working. I got an order number emailed to me, but no shipping confirmation, no follow up, and no replacement parts.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I bought the rip current in2020 and it…

I bought the rip current in2020 and it has been nothing but problems. 2 controllers and 1 hub motor to the tune of 300.00 of my own money. Now i have to send in motor and controller again to try and fix.. I have been complaining before warranty was up..They wont give me my money back or give me a deal on new bike. I sold 4 bikes for them stupid me.


Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Bad Company, Bad Service, Bad Products

Bad, customer service is really bad. They don't know their own parts or products. I was sent to the store to buy a socket because you can't remove the tire unless you buy their tool which they don't include. CSR gave me the wrong size twice. They ordered me the wrong parts 1 time, sent the replacement with incorrect parts, thr CSR didn't know the difference between a headlamp and a headlamp housing, kickstand just snapped off so I was forced to buy their "premium" kickstand. Why the fk wouldn't you just put a premium kickstand on the bike. This company is trash. Not to mention a long list of other minor stuff

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I shipped my bike to another state and…

I shipped my bike to another state and during shipping the front wheel spacers got lost. I called Juiced to find out what size they were and the customer service was absolutely brilliant. I didn't get the persons name, but they were so helpful and couldn't do enough to get me riding again. Really impressed with them.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank You Juiced!!!!!

I revised my one star review after Tracy Watson resolved all of my one star problems. I would give her 10 stars if possible for her efforts. She immediately directed the bike mechanics work with us to inspect, repair and send all the necessary replacement parts without any complications or need for further instructions. She nothing short of fantastic!!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Customer service very lacking

Bought a rip current the tail light was busted when notified they sent me a new one which was great. Then bought a Cross current the paint on the rack was already peeling out of the box and the tail light on this one could never work with The way it was built. Notified them sent pictures and emailed them with zero response. Seems they stand by their product as long as it’s cheap and easy otherwise zero


Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Juiced Bikes it is the exactly example…

Juiced Bikes it is the exactly example why I don't like nothing made it in china. I have a lot of problems with my camp scrambler with only 50 miles. Custumer service is a nightmare they do not answer e-mails they do not answer calls. Once I got e-mail from them with instructions to see if I can fix the bike myself. What a horrible experience. 1,800 dollars for a junk bike.

Reply from Juiced Bikes

Hello Macros,

I apologize, as we should have made more of an effort to follow up with you after our last conversation. In that message we asked the following:

“If the cable is disconnecting you might need to adjust the slack of the cable. The cable is routed by zip ties, you should be able to get more slack by stretching the cable position.”

Base on your review, this may not have resolved your issue. We are sending you a follow-up email and will attempt to contact you via phone. Please let us know what issues you are currently experiencing and we will provide the best solution. If you would like to speak with me personally please give us a call and request to speak with the Customer Support Supervisor.

Thank you for your feedback.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Not as far as claimed, …

Juiced bike is the sam BASE as all the other top end Chinese bikes. Today Ebikes are all the same base with cosmetic differences for each company.

Juiced is expensive
And bikes does not last nearly as long as they claim, even with upgrade battery 52v

The customer service is not good at all and basically dont care

Wouldn't buy from them again as you can buy same product elsewhere

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

There customer service is AWFUL

There customer service is AWFUL! Can't get anyone on the phone. They never call you back when you leave messages and they never actually reply to any emails you sent through the system.

I bought the upgraded off road kit - it's got less power than the original. Can't ask a question, can't get a refund... Obnoxious.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I was kinda fkn nervous about my…

I was kinda fkn nervous about my purchase when something went wrong and I read that their customer service was bad. Initially it took a couple of days for them to respond but they sent me a tail light because mine was defective and fenders. It turned out there was a bigger issue and they exchanged my bike for a brand new one!!! I am waiting to receive my replacement hyperscorpion and im pretty damn happy it wasnt as bad as some of these reviews I see.


Rated 1 out of 5 stars

A waste of money!!

First of all, he chain comes off the front sprocket constantly. The brakes squeal and the front brake makes a horrible sound and makes the wheel shake. Now, after only 33 miles on the bike it won't run. The battery is fully charged, the LCD monitor turns on but no juice to the wheels. Now I own an $1,800 overweight regular bike. Not at all a happy camper..and no service shop anywhere near.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I was just about to order two bikes…

I was just about to order two bikes when I read all the negative reviews. Now I understand there can be shipping issues and items get damaged in transit however there is never an excuse for bad service. Things are looking good for Juiced now but soon the environment will change and they wont be able to stay in business with this type of service

Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Backorders not listed on website. Poor customer service.

Purchased a bike and it did not say it was out of stock when I did. I got an email saying I would receive it in 7-10 days. 3 weeks later they say I will get it sometime in May and it NOW says it is out of stock. Meanwhile, they have my $2,000. Customer support was poor. I hope their bike is worth it.
(Note added after response) How can I provide the order number? I have emailed customer support with this info including the order number.

Reply from Juiced Bikes

Hello there. We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication. Can you please advise us of your order number so we can take a look?