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Meet the pets of Trustpilot: 2021 Edition

Monday, November 8, 2021

A year ago, we published Meet the pets of Trustpilot and to our surprise, it was one of our top articles of the year.

When you give us feedback, we listen. So we're giving the people what they want and introducing you to the 2021 pets of Trustpilot!

Meet Leeloo

Leeloo 2

From Leeloo’s Human:

I adopted Leeloo from a breeder that wanted to get rid of her. Long hair Shar-Pei is considered a malformation and they are not allowed to sell them in Argentina, where she was adopted. At the time my partner was going through leukemia recovery so we couldn't really have a dog, but having lost my previous dog a few years before, I had a hole in my heart and couldn't help myself. So I kept Leeloo at my mom's for a while, and went there to walk her twice a day. Eventually I brought her home and we've been like glue ever since.

Leeloo is obsessed with all other animals, especially farm animals. While walking around Amager Fælled, she suddenly went under the electrified fence and ran after three huge long-haired Scottish Highlanders (orange cows with long horns and I ran after her. This went on for a few minutes until I finally got her and told the majestic cows that were staring me down that I came in peace and wanted to take the annoying dog away from them.



From Ellenore’s Human:

Ellenore was adopted in July of 2019 from the Denver Animal Shelter. She was found on the streets and it took several weeks for animal control to catch her. She was malnourished when she came home and I knew she needed lots of love. She weighed 75lbs the first day I got her and now weighs 92lbs! I made all of her meals for the first 6 months to make sure she gained healthy weight back and was feeling good! She immediately made herself at home finding a spot on the couch and we have not looked back since! She is the slowest dog you have ever met! Her life motto is "I will get there when I get there!"

My favorite thing about Ellenore is how much she loves her stuffed animals. We call them her baby dolls because she will walk around and snuggle them every day. She will never chew or destroy her baby dolls. She chooses them wisely (She will like about 1 in every 6 "stuffies" I bring home for her.) Also, she sleeps with her tongue out!

Meet Brody


From Brody’s Human:

My wife and I rescued him from SecondChanceRescue just before COVID came! He is a complete mixed breed: part chihuahua, part hound, part German shepherd, part boxer, part miniature schnauzer…but he’s adorable and loves love more than anything!!

Brody has been an absolute joy to live with during the pandemic! He is extremely energetic, but also sleeps more than humans do at night. Every time someone around him says “Hello?” Or “who’s there?” The hound in him comes out in full force, and although he looks like an oversized chihuahua he howls like a massive hound!

Meet Wally


From Wally’s Human:

Wally is a mixed breed pup who turns 8 in January. I got him while I was in law school. Looking back, it was terrible timing to get a dog. I had so much other stuff to worry about but I always had a dog growing up and I was living the farthest away from my family (and our dog) that I ever had so I figured maybe having a dog around would make things feel more like home. I adopted him from a rescue agency that collects stray puppies in Alabama and drives them up to the Northeast to be adopted. They told me he was a boxer and german shepherd mix, so you can imagine my surprise once he hit 30 pounds and stopped growing.

Working from home with Wally has been wonderful. I call him my assistant and he follows me around the house and sits on the couch across from my desk and watches me work. Occasionally (often) his puppy dog eyes will win me over and I'll walk him to the nearby park during lunch and other breaks. He seems to enjoy having his human around more often but I think he also yearns for the days when he was king of the house during working hours.

Meet Maggie


From Maggie’s Human:

I've had Maggie since Valentines Day 2015. I was in school, set to graduate in May, moving to Colorado in August and knew I probably shouldn't take on the responsibility. My sister had been scoping out a certain dog at the rescue and planned to get there first thing on Saturday morning to get her new best friend. However, one person was there before us, and they got her! My sister and I still walked around the rescue to check out the other puppies. When we came across Maggie. When they brought us into the room she was so scared but after 45 seconds of love from us she became the happy, spunky, vivacious dog she is today. And the rest is history!

Maggie is half pointer, half beagle and half mountain goat. One day we were hiking in the foothills and I had her off leash. She instantly started pointing when she saw a herd of deer a few yards away. Before I could blink she was gone. She chased those deer all over the mountains and was out of sight! I had no idea what to do since she wasn't listening to me. I could hear her barking and then panicking trying to escape her. Thankfully after about 15 minutes, however it felt like eternity, I saw her prancing back my way with the BIGGEST SMILE on her face. She had had the best adventure and couldn't wait to tell me all about it. After I put my heart back into my chest, I put her back on the leash and gave her all the love. Because even though she is a wild one, she still knows who feeds her and comes back.


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