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Introducing Trustpilot Pride & Allies

Friday, August 20, 2021

Trustpilot has always been ‘Open to All’, with inclusion written into our values and our behaviours. So earlier this year, a few Trusties decided to formalise a group to support and celebrate inclusion of LGBTQ+ colleagues, customers, and communities, with the launch of a new employee resource group, Trustpilot: Pride & Allies.

Trustpilot: Pride & Allies strives for Trustpilot to be ‘Open to All’ by supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, whilst partnering with and educating both new and existing allies.

Since forming in early June, the group has embarked on activities to build awareness of the LGBTQ+ experience, as well as simple ways we can be inclusive every day, such as adding pronouns to our profiles on internal channels and to their own social media. We’ve celebrated LGBTQ+ culture through themed virtual trivia and even hosted Drag Bingo.

As we build a community together through fun events and educational activities, we hope to promote positive change here at Trustpilot and support colleagues in understanding issues faced by LGBTQ+ people both in and out of the workplace.

This month marks the celebration of WorldPride activities in our birthplace of Copenhagen, and so we asked the Trustpilot: Pride & Allies committee and community members what they hope to see from this community, and what Pride means to them.

The importance of giving LGBTQ+ people and issues a platform

Adam, EdinburghTrustpilot: Pride & Allies Chair“I'm hoping that this group will continue to push Trustpilot forward in the diversity and inclusion space, making sure that we are living our value of being ‘Open to All’. As a gay man, I think it's vital to have a space to connect with other people within the LGBTQ+ community, because these are people who have been through or face similar challenges to myself. They can also provide advice and support on specific issues which we face. For me, Pride is a constant reminder of how far we've come but yet how far we have to go before everyone feels safe and equal.”

Kevin, New YorkTrustpilot: Pride & Allies Vice-Chair“To me pride is a celebration, a feeling, a memory, a moment and lifestyle. I joined Trustpilot: Pride & Allies because It excites me to drive change. I like to promote an environment where it's okay to ask uncomfortable questions and learn together. I think it is important to recognize others for their differences and celebrate them together. My hope for this group is that we create a space where all feel welcomed and have a space to be themselves. I also hope to drive change in the organization and help Trustpilot to be a leader in the industry for LGBTQ+ employees.”

Christie, LondonTrustpilot: Pride & Allies Events Chair“As a white cishet person - and ally - I don't think it is possible to truly understand and support people from LGBTQ+ and/or marginalised communities without giving them the platform to speak, educate and inform. That being said, I recognise it is not a fight they should have to undertake alone and I believe when we work together united we can achieve more. I really believe that none of us can be free to live fulfilled lives without fear of oppression, until all of us are free.”

Jeffrey, New York“I believe passionately in equality and democracy. Part of this to me means placing a tremendously high value in having many different voices in the room at all times, in all settings. I have always said that we - whether we are talking about a country, a community, or a business or organization - are always stronger and more successful if we are inclusive and truly "open to all."

Debs, EdinburghTrustpilot: Pride & Allies Comms Chair“I think there’s real power in numbers when it comes to fighting for inclusion. So being part of a group that amplifies LGBTQ+ voices and allows us all to learn from each other, makes me excited for the changes this group of people could achieve - both inside and outside Trustpilot.”

Siam, London“As an ally, Pride to me means acceptance within yourself and a range of communities small or big, and being able to be your true self and still loved for it. Whether that is loving who you want, wearing what you want, acting a type of way, pride is important because it’s a beacon of hope, strength and an umbrella of not being alone.”

The ability to learn and grow as an ally

Mai-Brit, CopenhagenTrustpilot: Pride & Allies Comms Chair“I joined the Pride & Allies group because most of my best friends are part of LGBTQ+ community and I have learned so much from them about how I can use my voice and my privilege to help the community and spread awareness.”

Hannah, London“I'm mindful that my experiences as a straight person mean I won't know about many hurdles that this community live through. Day by day I hope to discover how I can use my voice to be inclusive and supportive. I'm a proud mummy to 2 young boys and it’s important to me that they understand the world around them and that they grow up being true to themselves.”

Yolanda, Copenhagen“I joined Trustpilot’s Pride & Allies because it’s important for me to be an ally. The people in my family who I love the most (siblings) are LGBTQ+. I want them to be as proud of me as I am of them.”

Tim, BerlinChief Operating Officer and Executive Sponsor, Pride & Allies
“I’m proud to sponsor our Pride & Allies group and am so grateful to all our members for being such enthusiastic advocates at the beginning of our journey.

“Diverse voices and experiences are key to Trustpilot's success as a business, and a vital part of that is uplifting those voices internally as well. As a community we are learning from each other and growing every day, and I'm so excited about the impact we can achieve both within Trustpilot and our wider societies.”

Finally, we wish everyone celebrating WorldPride this August a Happy Pride, and fortitude for all people striving for LGBTQ+ inclusion year round.

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