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Rated 5 out of 5 stars


I was surprised how easy my issue was resolved. The assistant was easy to talk to and friendly over the phone. They sent me an envelope and returns label in the post all free of charge. They also said that they could send me the label via email which I could then print off and attach to an envelope of my own. As soon as the item is received I was told that I'd receive a refund into the back account that I made payment from. I'm at present waiting for the returns envelope and label which they said could take 3 working days. The only thing I would say is that because the parts are genuine they are pricey. I ordered the wrong part, just impressed with how speedy and cost effective it all was.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Bad customer service

Bad customer service. Don’t answer phone don’t phone you back when they say they will . Live chat is horrendous. Worse customer service in history of the world

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Just an update

Just an update put in a claim for damage done to our floor what a waste of time they want photos and invoices for materials and fitting now over a month later the floor fitter does not have invoices so he put it in a letter THAT was not good enough for them so they are only paying out got the flooring so I am now over £300 out of pocket because of the shoddy work of there engineers
I will never buy another whirlpool as long as I live
So be careful when you get there incompetent engineers out for repair make sure they have done the jog correctly
Or my advice get someone else

Reply from Whirlpool

Hi Chris,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience.

This is the Trustpilot page for Whirlpool Denmark. If you are not located in Denmark, please contact your local Whirlpool customer service for support with this case.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Needed to change repair appointment day.

Needed to change repair appointment day , due to prior Veterany appointment. Was dealt with quickly and friendly to my satisfaction .

Reply from Whirlpool


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are very glad to hear that you are satisfied with the support from our call center!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Hi brought a hotpoint gas double oven…

Hi brought a hotpoint gas double oven the grill keeps breaking down they have been out 4 times to replace the relay they don't replace the cooker I told them it's a manufacturing fault but they dont listen I will never buy never another hotpoint gas cooker they should keep to washing machines....

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Any other company would be better- do not use

Fridge packed in 5 months after purchase. I clearly told them the light and thermostat were not working. They booked a repair (4 weeks ahead) then cancelled and remade in a further 3 weeks. They arrived WITHOUT THE PART THEY NEEDED- told us ‘our electricity is all wrong’. Really. None of my other appliances have an issue, we have had other brands repaired and I have an electrical safety certificate (full house checked for insurance)
They now refuse to do the repair.
Complete joke- hope they go bust

Rated 1 out of 5 stars


Our oven broke about 5 weeks ago. We rang them,they arranged an engineer to come 2 weeks after. Engineer turned up ,stayed for 30 minutes,at the end he said he has the broken part,then they scheduled for the week after,told us to wait in the afternoon, 15 minutes before the deadline they gave us engineer rang and said the part was broken. Then they gave us another appointment for the week after,and engineer apperantly pulled put of doing it so they gave us a date 2 weeks later. So we have 2 young kids under 5 and 5 weeks of no oven,and we will have to go though Easter without oven. They do not care for one second,all they say is " We are so sorry" and they get away with it. I just can not believe how terrible they are. DO NOT BUY ANY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS if you dont want to deal with one of the worst customer services I have ever had to deal with. If there was a GOVERNMENT place to complaint to I would!!!!AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Left me without a washer machine for 7…

Left me without a washer machine for 7 weeks .no communication as why I amit received parts .had the washer for 4 weeks all diagnostics gone all electric gone not happy. 38 calls made .yo hotpoint whirlpool.
47 messages on covid heard .would never ever buy from them again worst retailer.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Although we paid for a microwave AND…

Although we paid for a microwave AND installation, they only sent the microwave. We have had 5 days of over 10 hours waiting online to speak or chat with someone. They finally answered the call and offered to return the money for the installation, to pick up the microwave at no cost but they have done nothing at all. The wait time continues. Terrible experience NOT WORTH the trouble. recommendation: DON'T BUY FROM WHIRLPOOL.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars


Recieved a email in regards to my washer been on the recall list and i asked if i could have it repaired my previous model they said yes and then no . I had to have this replacement junk instead Hotpoint NSWF743UBS-UK 7KG which is an absolute piece of junk wouldnt recommend this model at all as its absolute rubbish cheap and nasty and very basic . Doesnt wash clothes that good at all .

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Lying, incompetent con-artists

On Friday 25th September our washing machine developed a fault. We were unable to contact the customer services department by phone, so followed their advice to book an engineer visit online. This was booked for 29th September and we received email confirmation that this was booked and also advised that somebody would phone the day before to confirm the visit. We received no phone call, so on the alleged day of the visit we called to find out what was happening. After spending all morning trying to get through, we eventually spoke to someone. First of all they claimed that they tried to phone us the day before but got no reply (this is not the case - there is no missed call showing on either my wife’s or my own phone for that day). They then tried to claim that the visit had never been booked and that the email we received doesn’t actually confirm a booking but simply advises of availability - if that is the case, it is VERY badly worded and misleading. The earliest booking they could make was a week away on 6th October. Later that day, they said they could bring it forward to 1st October, although they couldn’t confirm the time. Late evening on 30th September, we received a text confirming that the engineer would call between 7.15-10.15. At 11am nobody had turned up, so we called customer services. We were told that the engineer didn’t have the correct part and the appointment had been moved to 8th October - a full week away (why weren’t we told this? Why did we have to phone up ourselves to find this out?). It is impossible to contact anyone to complain about this. I asked for an email address to log and official complaint. The email address given to me by the customer services department simply replies advising to call (you guessed it) the number I had originally called and who had given me the email address or to contact them on Facebook Messenger. The latter simply generated a a reply saying that they were sorry and understand my frustration (believe me, they don’t even BEGIN to understand my frustration). I have now been without a washing machine for a week and have to wait at least another week for it to be fixed, but given the service I’ve received so far, I’m not holding my breath on that.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Buyer Beware

We bought an expensive Hotpoint washing machine and had problems with it from the start. After much complaining and numerous correspondence, an engineer was sent to examine it.
Customer care is nil from this firm and I would never recommend buying any item from them. After just over 1 year, the front of this machine is starting to rust and looks shabby, nothing like a virtually new expensive machine.
Having complained I was told, "unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you". Even though it was out of the 12 months warranty by a matter of days, there is no sympathy but I was told, " If the appliance was still within its warranty or you had some extended warranty on it we could send an engineer out to have a look, We can still do this but you would have to pay for the engineer".
(The extended warranty does not cover rust!) Expected the machine not to disintegrate so quickly. So buyer beware this is 'shoddy workmanship, an uncaring attitude and unacceptable. By the way this machine has a 10 year parts warranty, which is obviously not worth the paper it is written on! Disgusted customer.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Recall followed by false information

My elderly mother has a hotpoint washing machine on the recall list. Contacted whirpool and was told she could have a new one . After agreeing a date that was convenient for new washer to be delivered I took the day of work. I was informed the morning of delivery they didnt have it in stock. I explained our situation and that another day would not be possible in the near future due to my mum having major surgery. I asked if an alternative model could've delivered, NO. Can I speak to a manager NO. They had offered me an alternative delivery so basically not there problem. It has taken then a number of years to even contact my mother reg the recall. How come it's now costing me time and money 🤷‍♀️

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Such shocking poor customer service

Such poor customer service. Two brand new washing machines have broken down in 5 weeks and I try and get someone to help resolve issue and no one contacts me or speaks to me just keep fobbing me off. I have 3 young kids two with disabilities. Come on hotpoint I need my washing machine 😥